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Cancer recurrences after COVID vaccine? That’s what experts say

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Anti-vaccination theories keep causing a stir. For example, the rumor that the COVID vaccinations led to relapses in cancer patients. What’s really the point.

The rumor is circulating in anti-vaccination circles that the corona vaccine is causing an increase in relapses in cancer patients. The thesis: The vaccination challenges the immune system, making it more susceptible to other diseases. In the case of cancer patients, this should result in so-called recurrences, i.e. recurrences in the sense of the renewed formation of tumors.

Can COVID-19 vaccines cause cancer to recur? 

There is no evidence that COVID-19 vaccinations cause cancer, promote disease recurrence, or cause disease progression. Furthermore, none of the COVID-19 vaccines has been shown to alter your DNA (i.e., your genetic code).

The statistics show that recurrences after corona vaccinations are no more common than without. The vaccination actually causes a kind of irritation to the immune system. However, it has not been proven that this causes them to lose control of the cancer cells. 

It can happen that former cancer patients suffer from recurrences, even after the vaccination.

The matter has been investigated several times. No study was able to demonstrate an increased probability of recurrence after vaccination.

Why cancer patients should be vaccinated against COVID-19?

According to experts, virtually all cancer patients can be advised to have the covid vaccination. Unvaccinated cancer patients would have a much higher risk of a severe course of Covid-19 than vaccinated ones.

Especially in patients who have already had chemotherapy or a severe tumor. Their immune systems are usually weakened. And these immunocompromised people have a higher risk of developing serious illnesses from Covid. 

It is therefore strongly recommended that these people absolutely have to be vaccinated, according to experts.

They also note that patients with lymphedema are at a higher risk of infection, thus immunizations in the afflicted arm should be avoided.

Patients with lymphedema or who have undergone a lymph node dissection in one arm, such as for breast cancer therapy, should have the other arm immunized.

If you have lymphedema in both arms, the thigh can be utilized as an alternative injection site for vaccines. In either event, if you have lymphedema or have had a lymph node dissection, inform the vaccination site employees so that they can vaccinate you in your other arm.

Rather, the opposite applies: It is not the vaccination that poses a risk to former cancer patients – but no vaccination.

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You were reading: Cancer recurrences after COVID vaccine? That’s what experts say

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