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Choose your perfect mango: here are some tips

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If you like mangoes, but don’t know how to choose a good one, don’t worry. Below we will give you some tips that you should follow when buying this wonderful fruit since we understand that the selection process is not easy at all.

The mango (Mangifera indica) is a drupe that stands out above all for its good flavor, which you have probably already noticed. Normally this fruit has a green color at first, and it becomes yellow, orange and even red, which means that it is ripe. If a mango hasn’t finished ripening, it tastes sour. 

The mangoes are picked while they are still green and firm, just before they start to change color. 

Here are some tips so you don’t get disappointed when selecting a poor quality mango. 

Tips for selecting the best mangoes

  1. When buying mangoes, do not look at their color. The truth is that there are different varieties of this fruit and its color varies. For example, some mangoes turn from green to red, while others start yellow and turn orange. Therefore, color is not the best indicator of maturity for this fruit. It all depends on the type of mango you are going to buy.
  2. A ripe mango smells sweet, so pay attention to the end of the stem of the fruit, where the smell should be strongest. Sometimes they will have a fruity aroma on their stems.
  3. Lightly squeeze the mango. With a mature one, it will be much easier, as it will become softer. Mangoes, like peaches, soften as they ripen. Therefore, when these fruits begin to go from firm to soft, they are considered almost ripe. 
  4. A more mature mango will be slightly heavier than a green one. So if you feel like it’s heavier, it’s another indication of its maturity.

Warnings when buying mangoes

You already have an idea of ​​what a perfect mango should look like. Here are some warnings that you should take into account after entering a supermarket.

  1. Never choose mangoes that are too tough, as they will take a long time to ripen.
  2. If you notice some black spots on the skin of a mango, you should know that the fruit is already ripe. At the same time, if the mangoes are wrinkled, that means they have been harvested too early and may not be sweet.
  3. Don’t choose mangoes that have a sour or alcoholic smell.

We hope that, after these instructions, you will be more confident when selecting this fruit.

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