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Common Foods That Are Damaging Your Gut Health, Says Doctor

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Nowadays, keeping your gut health in good shape is more important than ever, as the danger of getting infected with the coronavirus is not over yet. Nevertheless, gut health leads to the functioning of many other vital organs in our body, especially the brain.

Now, if you’re regularly eating foods that are damaging the gut, causing the lining in the digestive tract to get inflamed, this can neutralize the good bacteria that naturally develop in your gut.

Below, as advised by Dr. Kirsten Berding Harold from the University Hospital, you will see which types of foods are the biggest culprits of inflammation, so that you can limit eating those and improve your gut health.

Are there foods to avoid that have an effect on the good bacteria?

Dr. Berding Harold said:

“It’s a lot of the unhealthy foods that we know so a lot of the processed foods, the high-fat foods, the fried foods, and high-sugar foods.

“So actually, all the foods that taste good to a lot of people are actually bad for gut microbes.”

According to the doctor, lowering the amount of processed food, limit the consumption of high-sugar, and high-fat foods that you eat which will contribute to better gut health.

Additionally, eating plenty of plant-based foods and lean protein can positively impact your gut.

Diet soda as artificial sweeteners like saccharin and sucralose used in these drinks change people’s gut microbiota population.

The carbonation in soda also can cause bloating and belching.

A diet high in saturated fats (those found in fatty meat, butter, and cheese) can affect both the diversity and abundance of your good gut bacteria. 

Many studies have already shown that when carnitine, a compound in red meat, mixes with gut bacteria, it causes trimethylamine N-oxide (TMAO) to form.

At higher levels, TMAO is linked to a greater risk for cardiovascular disease and earlier death. 

“Try not to have the same meals every day. Even if you love routine, have different fruit on different days, or if you eat porridge every day, vary the toppings – banana one day, berries another, along with nuts and seeds.”

By following a diet rich in fruits and vegetables and taking probiotic supplements, your gut health can significantly improve along all the other health benefits.

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