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CVS pharmacy in Massachusetts administers the wrong dose of Moderna vaccine, almost 40% lower than recommendations of CDC

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The CVS pharmacy of Massachusetts administered the wrong dose of the Moderna vaccine to a ‘limited’ number of people. The given dose of 0.3 ml, which is 40% lower than 0.5 ml as recommended by the CDC.

As the wave of vaccination has taken over the United States, millions of Americans are receiving the vaccination. Amid the ongoing battle against coronavirus, a CVS pharmacy in Massachusetts on Monday gave an incorrect dosage of the Moderna coronavirus vaccine to some patients. The patients were given a very low dosage as compared to the standards set by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

According to the reports, a spokesperson from the CVS said in a statement to Daily Mail, that the drugstore in Ipswich gave few people a dosage that is nearly 40% less than the prescribed level i.e 0.3 ml as against the recommendation of 0.5 ml given by the CDC.

Although the actual number of affected patients has not been estimated yet, the number is expected to be “limited” as stated by the spokesperson.

“We have contacted all affected patients to apologize for this incident and answer any questions they might have,’ he said.

He also added that the incident has been reported to “appropriate regulating agencies” and that the required measures have been taken to ensure that the blunder does not happen again.

According to the reports of WCVB, one of the patients who was given the wrong dosage of the Moderna vaccine at CVS said that she received a call from the pharmacist at the location who informed her that she was given a 0.3ml dose that was not a recommended dose for Moderna, but Pfizer.

She also stated some people who visited on Monday for getting the jab were not given the correct dosage. “The pharmacist who was working at CVS on Monday had been, prior to that, distributing the Pfizer vaccine and he inadvertently must have got mixed up,” she added.

While explaining the efficacy of a given amount of dosage, doctors suggested that in order to get immunization against the coronavirus until the next round of vaccination,  a minimum of 0.25 ml of dose (half a dosage)  is required.

In a recent study that was published in the journal Vaccine, data linked to the Phase II trial of the Moderna vaccine was analyzed. It was found that even in half doses, the company’s COVID-19 vaccine had the potential of developing a strong immune response.

In accordance with the latest data, a total of 12.5% of the American Population have completed their first round of dosage, while 4.1% of the population are completely vaccinated making it to 41 million and 16.1 million Americans respectively.

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