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Daily Showering can be harmful, according to doctors

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Jiya Saini
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A good morning shower can wake you up and even boost your creativity, according to some research. While you may find a nice cleansing shower one of the healthiest activities for your body, but according to a doctor, you could cause more harm than good.

There’s nothing better than having a nice hot shower. But your skin won’t agree on this.

When you pour hot water as you shower, it strips your skin of its natural oils, which keep it hydrated and block itching, scaling, and redness.

As stated by Dr. Harry Dao from Loma Linda University Faculty Medical Group:

Dry skin is the most common cause of itchy, irritated skin so it is important to avoid overly hot baths and showers.

Dr. Dao suggests a lukewarm shower, with the water temperature around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

In the latest discussion on Express, This Morning’s Dr. Chris also shared the health risks posed by daily showering.

It can be harmful because the skin is densely populated with friendly bacteria

he said.

As Dr Chris said that friendly bacteria helps to keep our skin healthy.

Having a shower every day can remove friendly bacteria

he warned.

Generally, healthy skin retains a layer of oil and a balance of friendly bacteria and other microorganisms.

Washing and scrubbing remove these, especially if the water is hot

as explained by Harvard Health.

This can trigger a number of complications.

One follows on from the skin becoming dry, irritated, or itchy.

Dry, cracked skin may allow bacteria and allergens to breach the barrier skin is supposed to provide, allowing skin infections and allergic reactions to occur.

What’s more, antibacterial soaps can actually kill off normal bacteria.

This upsets the balance of microorganisms on the skin and encourages the emergence of hardier, less friendly organisms that are more resistant to antibiotics.

According to a review, published in the Emerging Infectious Diseases journal, found that widespread use of antimicrobial products has prompted concern about the emergence of resistance to antiseptics and damage to the skin barrier associated with frequent washing including frequent hand washing and wearing gloves.

Frequent washing may lead to skin damage but it is important to also acknowledge the health benefits that showering brings.

Speaking to health body Cleveland Clinic, Dermatologist Shilpi Khetarpal, MD, highlighted these health benefits. 

We come in contact with thousands of allergens every day. Showering rinses off those allergens, as well as bacteria and viruses

she said.

The doctor also added that daily showering can strip skin of moisture, however.

Some people shower in the morning, after the gym, then again before bed. That’s not necessary, and can be very drying and irritating for your skin.

she added.
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