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Dementia: Simple, tasty, quick, and nutritious choices could help boost brainpower, says nutritionist

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When it comes to Brain Health, most people do not worry much and often take it for granted. When brain health drops, however, it breaks the entire body system, and the risk for dementia increases.

And you’ll find so much medical advice out there during the pandemic. But what advice is truly essential, the most important to prioritize?

Dietitian, and health expert, Sian Porter, having 30 years of rich experience, believes eating a plant-based diet can play a key part.

Porter said, “Your diet plays a fundamental role in a healthy lifestyle at home, at work and during leisure time.

“And yet, when nutrition is discussed, many focuses solely on our body, rather than our mind too.

“We recognize the impact of diet on diabetes, cancer risk, teeth, and heart health, but we talk a lot less about how food affects our brains.

“Now we have a growing body of evidence that eating well has the potential to increase and maintain energy levels, improve mood and even boost brain power.

“It doesn’t have to be complicated; simple, tasty, quick and nutritious choices can tick all the boxes.”

According to him, plant-based proteins such as lentils, beans, peas, nuts, seeds, soya, provide iron and niacin(vitamin B3).

High fiber starchy carbs including whole grains, such as brown rice, quinoa, power your brain and lift your mood.

Fruit and vegetables.

Calcium-containing foods, such as yogurt, green leafy vegetables, nuts, and dried fruits

And good amount of water.

According to brain specialist Dr Larry Goldstein “Magnesium is essential for normal brain function.”

“And eating a balanced diet is the ideal way to get what you need, he says.

“Magnesium may also help ease migraine and lower blood pressure.

“The fourth most abundant mineral in your body, magnesium is essential for hundreds of enzyme reactions that affect everything from bones and blood sugar to nerves and brain cells.”

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