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Dietitian reports one major side effect of Apple Cider Vinegar

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Some leisure centres and gyms are even offering it as part of fitness classes, allowing gym users to try their hand at making an apple cider vinegar drink to consume before working out.

Earlier, it was used as a treatment for coughs and infections. And today, apple cider vinegar is hyped as a weight loss aid, acid reflux remedy and more.

But, according to dietitian Beth Czerwony, MS, RD, CSOWM, LD, we should not ignore its side effects.

Apple cider vinegar has a high acidity that erodes tooth enamel, which you can’t get back once it wears away. It can also damage your esophagus if you drink it straight.

To help prevent these problems, water it down. Add a tablespoon to a mug of warm water. This can cut down on the amount of acid hitting your teeth and throat.

Other possible side effects of apple cider vinegar include:

  • Lower potassium levels: Don’t use apple cider vinegar if you have low potassium levels (hypokalemia), as it could make the condition worse.
  • Interactions with medicines: Apple cider vinegar can interact with some medicines, including insulin and diuretic drugs (water pills). If you take any medications, ask your doctor whether you can safely take apple cider vinegar.
  • Nausea and vomiting: Some people quite literally can’t stomach the taste and acidity of apple cider vinegar. If it makes you feel sick, stop using it.

The University of Chicago Schools of Medicine says that it’s generally safe to consume this trendy superfood in small quantities. However, if you’re having too much apple cider vinegar, you may experience the impact of acid.

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