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Doctor links white patches on tongue to new Covid symptom that could also be a vaccine side effect

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Aakash Molpariya
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White patches on the tongue – not usually anything serious. But knowing the story behind it may help you find the best form of therapy.

It could be oral thrush, canker sores or leukoplakia or also could be a symptom of Covid, according to one doctor.

In most cases, if you have a white patch on your tongue, it’s most probably due to oral thrush, says the doctor.

But especially if you recently got COVID-19 or were vaccinated, he added.

Dr Solanki continued:

Other triggers may include smoking, antibiotics, diabetes or anaemia.

Oral thrush occurs when your body’s immune system is low and can be concerning as it sometimes involves a loss of taste, along with cracked lips and a dry mouth.  

It isn’t usually serious and can be cleared up quite quickly by scraping the tongue when brushing your teeth.

Another possible reason for white patches on your tongue could be canker sores, which are generally inflamed and more painful than the oral thrush, said Dr Solanki.

Usually triggered by a virus or a low immune system, the sores are treated with either a special gel or a milk of magnesia solution.

A far less common cause is leukoplakia, characterized by thick white or grey patches on the cheeks, gums and lower mouth as well as on the tongue.

Dr Solanki explained:

Sufferers tend to be tobacco users and drinkers and it is thought that once contracted, the virus will lie dormant with occasional flare ups throughout your life. 

A break from smoking and drinking will usually help to clear up the episode of leukoplakia.

Photo by Ben Hasty/MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

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