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Doctor warns of new Covid symptoms of Indian strain

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Aakash Molpariya
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Experts studying the new – Indian – strain of coronavirus, have announced a new symptom of the disease.

According to reports, doctors in the Indian city of Bangalore (Karnataka state) said that recently, very often patients infected with coronavirus complain of severe dry mouth and thirst. 

Also, experts urged not to ignore symptoms such as irritation and itching, as well as pain in the tongue. In addition, mouth ulcers may develop in those infected.

As an example, Indian doctors cite a 55-year-old patient who had severe dry mouth. He also complained of conjunctivitis and fatigue, although he did not have a fever. 

Dr. GB Sattur told local media:

I had read that conjunctivitis can be one of the symptoms of Covid. Though he didn’t have a fever, he said that he was tired.

The man later tested positive for Covid.

Suffering any symptoms of the mouth, alongside extreme weakness, should indicate the need for a Covid test, Dr. Sattur added.

Experts urge: if you suddenly become very tired and thirsty, you need to take a COVID-19 test. 

“Doctors should keep an eye on tongue complaints and not ignore them,” Dr. Sattur said.

The government must do more genome sequencing to understand the variants better.

After all, a person can get sick without other symptoms, but infect others.

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