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Drinking coffee can be dangerous for these people, say experts

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Coffee is not recommended in the case of gastrointestinal diseases, said the specialist. In particular, the drink should be excluded from the diet of people suffering from irritable bowel syndrome, as caffeine can increase bowel frequency and even the chances of diarrhea, details Eat this not that.

“Caffeine can increase bowel regularity, including increasing the chances of diarrhea (a major symptom of irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS),” advised Seattle-based nutritionist Angel Planells MS, RDN.

“So if you have IBS, it is encouraged to limit/avoid caffeinated beverages.”

Expert also recommended that people with Glaucoma be more aware of their coffee intake. There are studies that suggest that caffeine can affect the action of insulin and, therefore, be associated with higher or lower blood sugar levels.

“Intraocular pressure increased for those with glaucoma when consuming coffee [according to a recent study], so it’s encouraged to limit/avoid intake, but more research is warranted,” said Planells.

According to the nutritionist, people with heart conditions, like arrhythmias should avoid drinking coffee.

“As the caffeine from coffee can cause temporary increases in blood pressure and heart rate, it’s important for anyone with pre-existing heart conditions to talk with their healthcare provider about if/how much coffee is safe to consume,” said Kelli McGrane nutrition consultant.

While coffee alone does not cause weight gain, drinking can affect the quality and quantity of sleep as well. Poor sleep can be proven to promote weight gain. Additionally, many popular coffee-based beverages are highly caloric and contain high levels of added sugar.

“It is understandable to reach for a cup of coffee (or more) after a poor night’s sleep, yet your coffee habit may perpetuate a cycle of poor sleep and fatigue,” said Heikkinen.

“Even if you don’t think your afternoon coffee affects your sleep, it could indeed affect sleep quality.” Instead, switch over to teas.

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