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Expert reveals best way to sleep more comfortably during a heatwave

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Sleep is essential to one’s health. Lack of sleep can cause a range of issues from mood imbalances to much more significant ailments.

It is also important as it enables your body and mind to recharge, leaving you refreshed and alert when you awaken.

Healthy sleep ensures your body is healthy and can defend itself from diseases and without it, your brain is unable to work properly.

The extent to which especially hot weather can lead to a bad night’s rest for many should not be underestimated:

“The morning after such nights, there is often a collective yawn at work or school,” says the expert.

More concerning, it can result in a higher risk of accidents at work or on the road, or more mistakes made during daily tasks, according to the head of the Interdisciplinary Sleep Centre.

There are some tips that can make warm nights more comfortable, particularly in places where air conditions are not easily found.

“It comes down to proper ventilation. Close the windows and shutters during the day, and open them only before going to bed,” says sleep researcher Hans-Guenther Weess.

Another tip, which sounds paradoxical, is to drink something hot.

“If you drink something warm before going to bed, you’re less likely to get sweaty,” according to the expert. A warm shower will open up the pores of the skin as well as provide a feeling of freshness.

Weess advises against a glass of wine before bedtime, however.

“Drinking alcohol in the evening may have a psychologically relaxing effect, but it also dilates the blood vessels and supports night sweats,” he says.

Sleeping pills are also a no-go for Weess, who says that they should be avoided in order to avoid creating dependence.

Our bodies can withstand a few nights with less sleep, he adds.

Weess has a few special tips: If you have a tiled floor in the bedroom, you can tip some water there to help cool things down; you just have to be extremely careful when getting up from the bed then.

“Or just go to the basement and sleep,” says the expert.

In essence, he says, just enjoy warmer weather, even if it messes up your sleep.

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