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Experts record unexpected benefits of moderate alcohol consumption

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Manish Saini
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At the same time, experts advise people to find other ways to get out of stressful situations, rather than resort to relaxing with booze.

Researchers from Harvard Medical School found that daily alcohol consumption in moderate doses is beneficial for human health. 

In particular, we are talking about the fact that alcohol reduces the risk of death from diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Experts studied data from a survey by Mass General Brigham Biobank, which was attended by more than 50,000 participants with an average age of 55 years. Women predominated among them. Alcohol consumption by the respondents was low (less than one drink per week), moderate (from one to 14 drinks per week), and high (more than 14 drinks per week).

In addition, the scientist took into account whether the respondents had problems with the cardiovascular system.

It turned out that of all those surveyed, 752 people had a PET scan, which diagnoses stress in people.

Also, of the total number of participants, 7,905 had acute attacks of cardiovascular diseases, 17% of them were in the group with low alcohol consumption and 13% in the group with moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.

At the same time, those interviewed with moderate alcohol consumption had a 20% lower chance of risk of diseases of this type in comparison with people from the group with low alcohol consumption. However, they recorded lower brain activity in stress disorders.

“We found that stress-related activity in the brain was higher in non-drinkers when compared with people who drank moderately. While people who drank excessively (more than 14 drinks per week) had the highest level of stress-related brain activity,” concluded study author Dr. Kenechukwu Mezue.

He argues that a moderate amount of alcohol in the human body promotes relaxation, reduces stress levels, and thus reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

However, experts warn that alcoholic beverages should be consumed strictly in moderation and advise to find other ways to get out of stressful situations.

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