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Experts reveal simple ways to ­alleviate stress without resorting to alcohol or medicines

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Stress is destructive to human health. However, we find it difficult not to be upset. In this case, psychologists advise learning to cope with anxiety to minimize the consequences of stress.

“The degree of resilience to stress depends on our ability to overcome without changing our habitual behavior,” said a clinical psychologist consulted by Revyuh, claiming that it is possible to cope with stress by itself same.

The doctor explained the mechanism of the human being’s reaction to stress. 

A stressful event occurs first, for example, a sudden change in environment, prolonged overexertion, uncertainty, etc. 

Then comes your perception and evaluation. 

An emotional reaction follows, followed by a physiological and behavioral reaction. 

If the situation gets out of control, they develop some serious consequences, such as burnout or depression, the expert noted. 

In this case, a medical consultation is necessary, the specialist stressed.

To avoid this last stage, the psychologist recommends learning to perceive events in a neutral way and detect body tension in time.

How to combat a stressful situation

First, you have to change your perception of the situation, the doctor advised. The willingness to look at the situation from different sides helps reduce the degree of tension.

“It is about expanding the limits of your perception, refusing to give only a black and white assessment of life events,” the specialist explained.

Second, it is important to accept the situation. In this case, the feeling of gratitude towards others could help, which would build a positive image of the world.

“In a stressful situation, try to start your day with gratitude. It can be a prayer, some spiritual practices, just words of thanks to someone or yourself,” the doctor said.

According to the specialist, the next step is to work with emotions, because “through them, the body tunes in to certain behaviors.” 

The doctor assured that when expressing and manifesting emotions, a person becomes more self-aware, in addition to a greater understanding of the behavior of other people. 

To alleviate emotional tension, the specialist recommends letting go of emotions, for example, screaming in the forest. One of the effective ways is to express emotions on paper, he added.

“Making a to-do list of everything that’s rolling around in your mind can help you ‘brain dump’ all of the things that you may be ruminating about,” says Erin Hinek, LPC, CPCS, a licensed professional counselor in Decatur, Georgia. 

Practicing deep breathing is one of the quickest ways to relax—your body’s built-in anti-anxiety system.

Inhale to the count of three, and let your belly expand to get a deep breath

says Hinek.

Hold for a count of three, and then exhale slowly for a count of six.

Creativity can also help you understand your feelings and overcome the effects of stress.

“Painting, sculpting, cooking, sewing, writing a story, playing an instrument, composing poems, keeping a journal or blog … anything you can use as an object to respond to your feelings will do,” said Natalia Zentsova.

Another very important aspect to combat a stressful situation is to work on your body.

“Dedicate yourself to observing your body, focus on tension or relaxation, on areas of pain or discomfort to act in time,” he said. 

Active sports, stretching, yoga, and other practices are ideal for managing stress. Another solution would be to properly master breathing practices.

At the same time, you have to treat exhaustion. Good sleep, a varied and quality diet, an established daily regimen, and vitamins, among other things, would help you feel stronger to cope with stress.

Image: Dumbarton’s Jamie Wilson shows his frustration after missing an open goal during a Scottish League One play-off semi final second leg match between Dumbarton and Stranraer.

Image Credit: Photo by Mark Scates/SNS Group via Getty Images

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