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Fish Oil Capsules Can Cause Trouble With Some Blood Clotting Supplements, Expert Warns

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Dietary supplements provide a variety of benefits, ranging from immune system support to stress reduction.

However, pharmacist Scott McDougall (MPharm) warns that mixing some supplements at the same time can be dangerous.

The pharmacist – co-founder and registered manager of The Independent Pharmacy – told Express.co.uk that combining two supplements might be very harmful for your health.

“Ginkgo biloba and Omega-3 fish oil supplements are dangerous when taken together,” the specialist warned.

“Ginkgo biloba is a traditional Chinese supplement that can increase the levels of nitric oxide in your blood,” he said.

“The reason it can be dangerous to take ginkgo biloba and omega-3 fish oil together is that they both have the potential to thin your blood.

“This means that taking them together can reduce your blood’s ability to clot or lead to uncontrollable bleeding.”

As a result, McDougall does not recommend combining ginkgo biloba with omega-3 fish oil.

Fish Oil Capsules Can Cause Trouble With Some Blood Clotting Supplements, Expert Warns
Image Credit: Getty

There is an “individual limit” to how much you can consume in terms of general supplementation.

McDougall stated that supplements can interact with one another.

While there are an incredible amount of supplement combinations that can be taken together, omega-3 fish oil and ginkgo biloba are not one of them, said the expert.

“People also have different medical statuses,” said McDougall.

“So their bodies may have either deficiencies or surpluses of certain supplements.

“This means it can’t be said definitively how many different supplements a person should take daily.

“What can be said definitively is that you should always check the recommended daily amounts of supplements you’re taking (or planning to take).

“This will tell you how much of an individual supplement you can take daily.”

McDougall recommends those who are tempted to mix vitamins to consult with their doctor or a qualified pharmacist.

“They’ll be able to take your personal circumstances into account and advise the correct amounts of supplements for you to take.”

McDougall stressed that supplementing is more than just taking the greatest vitamins and hoping for the best results.

Even taking some vitamins at the same time can reduce their good benefits.

“Vitamins D, E and K are all beneficial supplements,” said McDougall.

“Vitamin D helps keep your teeth, bones and muscles healthy. Vitamin E strengthens your immune system, as well as helping you maintain healthy eyes and skin. Vitamin F improves your cardiovascular functioning.

“But if you take all of these vitamin supplements together at the same time, it can reduce their effectiveness.”

McDougall recommends taking such vitamins “at least two hours apart” to avoid cancelling each other out.

What is Ginkgo biloba?

For thousands of years, practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine have embraced the leaves of the Ginkgo biloba tree. In the United States and Europe, ginkgo is also a popular herbal supplement. It is used to treat blood abnormalities, memory issues, and fatigue.

According to some sources, gingko thins the blood and possesses fibrinolytic properties. This means it has the potential to dissolve blood clots. According to one study, ginkgo extract has similar effects to streptokinase, a medication used to treat blood clots.

The research was, however, done in a laboratory, and not carried out on people or animals. Further research is necessary to see if gingko has the same effects in the human body.

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