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Five foods that shorten your life and simple replacements

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A recent study, published by the University of Michigan, assessed the effect that some foods have on our life expectancy; here’s how to halt the ticking clock.

It’s unsurprising to learn that our diets have a significant impact on our long-term health and lifespan. However, when University of Michigan researchers set out to quantify the health effects of various diets, beverages, and snacks, the results of the study were sobering.

According to the study, a standardized calculation scheme was created with which scientists evaluated more than 6,000 dishes and products. 

At the same time, several factors were taken into account, including the impact on the environment.

Worst foods for longevity

It turned out that one gram of sausage takes 27 seconds off your life; a gram of red meat, 45 seconds, and a hot dog, 36 minutes. 

A cola drink, according to the researchers, will cost 12.5 minutes to live.

Best foods for a long healthy life

However, there are foods that can help you live longer. Among these, according to scientists, are, for example, walnuts. One serving of this dried fruit adds 26 minutes to life. 

Salmon, meanwhile, prolongs life by 16 minutes. Vegetables, fruits, and legumes will also help increase life expectancy.

For those who want to live up to a century, scientists have recommended eating lots of fruits and fish.

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