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Five reasons your brain shrinks faster

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To some extent, brain aging is unavoidable, but it is not uniform; it affects everyone, or every brain, differently.

Slowing or halting brain ageing would be the ultimate panacea for achieving eternal youth.

The human brain, weighing about 3 pounds, is a mind-boggling feat of engineering, with roughly 100 billion neurons interconnected by trillions of synapses.

The brain changes more than any other portion of the body over the course of a lifetime. From the third week of pregnancy to old age, the brain’s complex structures and functions change, with networks and routes linking and severing.

But some lifestyle habits make this process much faster.

Australian scientists in their new study have discovered the reasons for the decrease in the human brain. 

The main factor in this is the excess of alcohol in the body.

It turns out that even two glasses of wine a week negatively affects the human body, and if you consume more, your brain shrinks.

Scientists also say that in second place is such a disappointing trend – drinking coffee in excess and recommend drinking no more than two or three cups a day.

The brain can also shrink as a result of a small amount of physical activity. In particular, due to the lack of outdoor walks and active movement.

Another reason for the decrease in the tonsils of the brain, scientists call stressful situations, due to which memory is disturbed.

In addition, experts confirmed that people with Hearing impairment, their brain age faster.

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