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Five Signs You Have Damaged Skin Barrier, According to Skincare Expert

Five Symptoms of Damaged Skin Barrier

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Your daily habits (like smoking and tanning or frequently washing), and genetics can certainly affect and turn your skin to pesky conditions and may damage your outermost skin layer made of cholesterol, ceramides, and lipids.

Your skin barrier actually protects your body from pollution, and harmful UV rays, and keeps your skin hydrated. But you can damage it without realizing it.

Kate Somerville, a skincare trailblazer, revealed five signs you’ve damaged your skin barrier and what to do about it.

Kate said:

External stressors such as pollution and UV rays can damage the skin barrier.

You can also damage the skin barrier physically with over-exfoliating, and we’ve also been seeing damaged skin barriers at the clinic with constant mask-wearing.

The skin barrier also thins and weakens as we age and naturally produces fewer ceramides and lipids.

5 signs you’ve damaged your skin barrier

Symptoms of damaged skin barrier are extremely common and could be caused by a number of different factors but you might have not noticed them.

A compromised skin barrier allows irritants to enter your skin and stops it from functioning as it normally would, and this causes:

  • Dryness
  • Sensitivity
  • Breakout
  • Dehydration
  • Inflammation

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