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Five ‘super weapons’ for strong immune system amid pandemic

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What foods rich in vitamins and nutrients should we include in our diet to fortify our body in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic?

Shielding our immune system may be more important than ever amid the current coronavirus pandemic, and one of the best ways to support is to follow a healthy diet plan.

Let’s see which vitamins and nutrients are essential to our health, and what foods include them, according to Tiana Carey, a clinical dietitian at the University of California at Davis.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A contributes to the health of the digestive and respiratory systems. Foods rich in β-carotene, the precursor of vitamin A, include carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, broccoli and red peppers.

Vitamin C

This vitamin helps stimulate the production of antibodies. Citrus, strawberries, red peppers and kiwi are high in vitamin C.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E promotes the neutralization of free radicals by acting as an antioxidant. Foods rich in vitamin E are nuts, seeds and avocados.


There are many enzymes in our body, the function of which depends on zinc, and their deficiency has been linked to a malfunction of the immune system. Foods rich in zinc include beans, seeds, nuts, meat, poultry and seafood.


Specific amino acids, which are the basic building blocks of proteins, are necessary for the function of T-lymphocytes, the “soldiers” of the immune system that protect us against infections. The meat, poultry, seafood, eggs, beans, nuts and seeds contain a lot of protein.

These nutrients have been shown to help the immune system function more efficiently, however, their consumption should be done in moderation.

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