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Five things you should never do on an empty stomach – Nutritionist warns

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Aakash Molpariya
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What not to do on an empty stomach?

Starting your day on a healthy tone will help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Every day, the perfect morning routine can help you make the most of your day.

Every morning, you can take a variety of activities to boost general well-being, ranging from a healthy breakfast to an exercise or yoga practice.

When it comes to diet, it is critical to select the correct foods so that you do not experience stomach problems later in the day.

Pooja Makhija, a dietitian, recently posted a video on Instagram explaining what you should not do on an empty stomach. Let’s go over everything the expert said.

Five things to avoid doing on an empty stomach

1. Drinking tea or coffee

Many people begin their day with a cup of coffee or tea.

“Think twice about making it the very first thing you consume on an empty stomach. Drinking coffee on an empty stomach triggers acidity, which stimulates the secretion of hydrochloric acid,” explains the nutritionist.

2. Consuming Alcohol

It is not a good idea to drink alcohol when you have nothing in your stomach. In such a case, alcohol enters the bloodstream fast, causing the blood vessels to dilate.

“This results in temporary feelings of warmth, temporary decrease in pulse rate, as well as blood pressure. It travels through the stomach, kidneys, lungs, liver, and then to the brain. It doesn’t always take long for this to happen either; about 20 percent of the alcohol a person drinks passes through the stomach and reaches the brain within a minute,” says the expert.

Food slows the rate at which alcohol goes into the bloodstream.

3. Chewing gum

Chewing gum on an empty stomach is not a good idea since it causes your digestive system to produce more acid. Because there is no food in the stomach, this acid can irritate the lining, increasing the risk of stomach ulcers.

4. Shopping when you are hungry

“Two studies conducted by Cornell’s University research team suggest that people who go shopping on an empty stomach not only land up shopping much more than needed but also tend to purchase more high-calorie food and more junk food,” Makhija explains.

5. When you’re hungry, don’t fight

If you feel angry early morning, blame the hunger pangs as this could be hunger-induced anger.

Makhija says, “The next time you’re bickering you may want to first eat something before discussing anything further.”

According to studies, when you are hungry, your blood sugar levels are low. Having a snack can help you deal with your anger in certain instances.

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