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Foods that cause cancer and gene mutations

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Most of the potato dishes and products that require prolonged frying were included in the “blacklist”.

According to a study by the European Food Safety Authority, products containing acrylamide are capable of causing cancer and gene mutations.

The EFSA report, in particular, states that high doses of acrylamide are present in tobacco smoke, coffee, fried foods – especially french fries and chips, as well as crackers and croutons.

Acrylamide (AA) is a toxic chemical found in starchy foods cooked at high temperatures. We are talking about baking, frying, as well as industrial processing in a low humidity environment.

You will be surprised to know that coffee also contains this potentially harmful chemical.

In 2002, Swedish scientists also discovered the compound in a wide range of foods, including baked goods and coffee (16Trusted Source).

Scientists believe the acrylamide in food is a product of the Maillard reaction. This reaction occurs when sugars and amino acids are heated above 248°F (120°C).

What is known is that when coffee beans are roasted, acrylamide is formed. There’s no way to remove it from coffee, so when you drink it, you’re exposing yourself to the chemical.

In animals, acrylamide is capable of provoking cancer and these data, according to scientists, can be extrapolated to humans.

Also, it’s worth noting that it is almost impossible to deprive food of AA. 

As a preventive measure, experts recommend not to let food “burn”, in general, to monitor your diet, and before cooking potato dishes – do not store it in the refrigerator in order to avoid an increase in sugar levels.

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