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Four symptoms can indicate Covid infection after vaccination, Says New Study

Scientists warn these symptoms are more likely to be completely asymptomatic

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These symptoms are more likely to be completely asymptomatic, say researchers.

More and more people have already been vaccinated against the coronavirus once or even twice. But there is also a residual risk of infection with vaccinated people. Researchers in London have identified four symptoms that could indicate infection.

The virus will not go away with vaccinations, emphasized the President of the Robert Koch Institute, Lothar H. Wieler at the beginning of May. These would give a basic immunity that prevents the disease or alleviates the severity. 

“But they do not always prevent an infection with the Sars-CoV-2 from happening.”

There is also a residual risk of getting infected with vaccinated people.

But the number is small. Researchers at King’s College in London evaluated data from around 1.1 million people who were vaccinated between December 2020 and mid-May 2021. 

According to this, only 2,278 adults tested positive after a first vaccination, which corresponds to 0.2 percent. The number fell even further after the second dose had been injected, to just 187 people and 0.03 percent.

Despite vaccination: 4 symptoms can indicate Covid infection

According to the researchers, all typical corona symptoms occurred less often in the vaccinated than in the unvaccinated – with four exceptions, which occurred to the same extent or more frequently after a vaccination.


Sneezing is the only symptom that, according to the researchers, was more pronounced when infected after vaccination. 

Specifically, it was 24 percent more common in people under 60 with Covid-19 after they received their vaccination. 

However, the researchers also point out that other diseases or allergies, for example, can trigger sneezing.

Shortness of breath

Shortness of breath can occur as a result of many illnesses, but coronavirus could be one of them, according to the researchers. 

Vaccinated people with Covid-19 reported a similar level of shortness of breath as unvaccinated people, according to the study. 

Anyone who continues to feel breathless or exhausted after vaccination should take a test.


According to the scientists, earache is another potential symptom of a coronavirus infection. There were no significant differences between vaccinated and unvaccinated people. 

However, unvaccinated corona patients complained more and more of tinnitus.

Swollen lymph nodes

A less common side effect is swollen lymph nodes in the armpit or neck. 

According to the study, people who were vaccinated with Covid-19 reported a similar level to those who were not vaccinated. 

They usually go away within a few days, but could also be a sign of infection.

Vaccinated: “More likely to be completely asymptomatic”

The scientists summarize: “The preprint study shows that people vaccinated with corona […] had fewer and milder symptoms, and that those who had received a vaccination were more likely to be completely asymptomatic.”

For their investigation, scientists from King’s College in London analyzed the data of participants who logged their symptoms, tests, and vaccinations in the UK ZOE COVID Symptom Study App between December 8, 2020 and May 14, 2021, including 1,102,192 people, who had been vaccinated. 

The results of the study were initially published in medRxiv preprin.

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