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How can you get more vitamin D without Sunshine?

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If you have vitamin D deficiency, don’t worry. A simple way to solve this problem is to change your diet. Doctors and dietitians consulted by Revyuh explained which foods contain the highest amount of vitamin D.

Vitamin D regulates calcium metabolism in the body. Calcium is the material for building bones, the proper functioning of muscles, and the transmission of nerve impulses. In case of lack of vitamin D, the body has fewer antimicrobial proteins, therefore, immunity to infections decreases. Also, there are problems like falling asleep, as well as depressive states.

An adult should consume 600–1000 IU of vitamin D per day. Our skin produces a greater portion of this substance, precisely when we are under the effects of sunlight. But in the winter months, and in times of the pandemic, we spend more time at home and inside due to cold and lockdown situations in many countries that shorten the duration of daylight.

It is difficult to completely compensate for the lack of ultraviolet, but you can correct the diet and help the body.

What foods contain the most vitamin D?


A serving of salmon (100 grams) contains about 1,000 IU, which completely covers a daily need for the vitamin. But this statement refers only to wild fish. A salmon raised in artificial conditions offers only 200-250 IU.

Salmon can be substituted for Herring: 100 grams of fresh herring contain a little more than 200 IU, while preserved only 110-120 IU. Mackerel and tuna could be alternatives: 100 grams of these canned foods contain 230 to 360 IU.

Tuna is 95% digested by the body. It is better to choose a product without tomato sauce and other additives that lower the content of Omega-6 and Omega-3. At the same time, eating preserves more than once or twice a week is discouraged due to the large amount of salt it contains, doctors warned.

Cod liver

100 grams of this food provide 100% of the body’s daily need for vitamin D. It is recommended to include this food in the diet in case of suffering from rickets, osteoporosis, muscle diseases, said the specialist. But due to its high caloric value (613 kilocalories per 100 grams) it cannot be consumed daily.

Eggs and mushrooms

The yolk of an egg contains 37-40 IU, or 5% of the daily norm of vitamin D. If it is a farm egg, the vitamin D content will be 3 times higher, since the hens receive more natural light.

Mushrooms, for their part, synthesize vitamin D under the effects of ultraviolet light. Thus, 100 grams of chanterelles or morels offer around 200 IU. If you roast or cook, that does not influence the amount of this substance, since it withstands the heat treatment well.

Fortified foods

Manufacturers often fortify dairy products with vitamin D, including all types of milk (cow’s milk, soy, oatmeal, etc.). One glass normally contains about 100 IU.

In addition, vitamin D enriches other products, such as cereals and vegetable oil, which could be a good alternative for vegetarians.

Previously, experts warned that the consumption of vitamin D can have side effects as well, so it is worth taking it in doses recommended by a doctor.

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