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How covid hits internal organs – explain doctors

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Kamal Saini
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A group of Indian doctors from the JJ group of hospitals performed 51 autopsies on Covid-19 patients to learn more about how the SARS2 virus impacted different organs. The virus damaged the kidneys of 24 people, and changes in the liver of 29.

“Our series of minimally invasive autopsies on Covid-19 patients is the largest in the world so far,” said the study authors Dr Ajay Bhandawar.

The doctor notes that the first such work was carried out by doctors in Italy. In mid-2020, they found out that COVID-19 causes blood clotting in the vessels, which can be the cause of death for those infected with the coronavirus. But such research is considered unsafe.

For this study, some autopsies were performed at Bhopal, Ahmedabad and New Delhi teaching facilities (the Indian Council for Medical Research advises against open autopsies of Covid victims due to the higher risk).

The pathological involvement of multiple organs on microscopic analysis supports our finding that Covid-19 infection is a multi-organ process that involves the lung, kidneys, liver, heart and spleen, and may, in fact, produce pathological changes in other organ systems which were not examined within our study

said Dr Bijwe.

The autopsies were performed in St George’s Hospital, which is a Covid facility, rather than the main JJ Hospital in Byculla, which is a non-Covid facility.

Within two hours of a death occurring, we had to contact the victim’s family and seek permission for the autopsy

said one of the authors, Dr Nikhil Dhimole.

While victims’ relatives were first sceptical, the fact that the corpse would not be cut open swayed 51 families. The autopsy took place in a side room of the Covid ward, with physicians from the radiology and surgery departments taking tissue samples from different organs using biopsy needles guided by ultrasonography.

Additionally, the research showed that Covid-19 increased disease development. Autopsies of four individuals recently diagnosed with a renal issue revealed that the Covid-19 infection had deteriorated their kidney functioning.

In fact, Covid-19 impacted 38 physicians from the general surgery department throughout the trial, which took place between August and November 2020.

“There is no way to link the autopsies to our contracting the disease as we would work in Covid wards for long hours every day,” said a doctor cited by TimeofIndia

Photo By Tom Williams/CQ-Roll Call, Inc via Getty Images

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