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How Sounds Can Help Improve Health

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Scientists have discovered that different sounds generated by nature such as water or birdsong may be able to improve health considerably just by listening carefully.

Listening to the sound of rain or animals can decrease stress, reduce pain and improve cognitive performance and mood, according to research conducted by Colorado State University and the US National Park Service.

Titled ‘A Synthesis of the Health Benefits of Natural Sounds and Their Distribution in National Parks,’ the research was based on examining sound recordings from at least 251 locations in 66 US parks. Dozens of students from the University of Colorado participated and identified the sounds.

“Most of the existing evidence we found is from lab or hospital settings. There is a clear need for more research on natural sounds in our everyday lives and how these soundscapes affect health,” explained Rachel Buxton, one of the main authors of the study.

Another co-author of the study, George Wittemyer, explained to Psys.org, that humanity must recognize nature and protect the benefits it can bring to health.

“The positive health impacts and stress reduction benefits of nature are more salient than ever to help offset the concerning increase in anxiety and mental health issues,” he concluded.

To get the maximum benefit from these sounds, the researchers suggest closing your eyes and listening carefully to the sounds of that place that should bring only positive health impacts.

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