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How to prevent hypertension and cardiovascular diseases?

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A team of scientists from Griffith University in Australia and Oxford University have found that reducing salt consumption is the best way to prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Researchers have conducted a study to assess the impact on public health using strategies to reduce salt consumption through media campaigns, school education programs, and raising awareness to opt for low-sodium salt substitutes.

The study published in the British Medical Journal Open was carried out in Cameroon, where the three strategies could prevent 10,000 to 84,000 deaths from heart disease and stroke.

Scientists point out that the strategies used in the study were highly cost-effective with very high chances of saving costs and saving lives.

Many know that the excessive consumption of salt is harmful to health and especially cardiovascular diseases, however this study is one of the few that shows governments that it is possible to implement massive programs without the need to make an exorbitant investment of money.

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