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If you’re on arthritis medication such as statins be careful of one type of fruit juice

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Inflammatory conditions may restrict joint movement and result in muscle weakness and atrophy. Even if there isn’t a cure, medicine can help.

However, if you’re medicines such as statins to treat your arthritis – or whatever the nature – you should pay attention to a type of fruit juice.

According to one research paper, there is one type of fruit juice that can interact with some of the medications prescribed to treat symptoms of arthritis.

The research team found that the grapefruit-statin interaction, more than 85 drugs may interact with these compounds in grapefruit — not just statins.

In addition, other citrus fruits may contain compounds with similar interactions. These include:

  • Seville oranges
  • limes
  • pomelos

However, some varieties of citrus do not contain these interacting compounds, including navel oranges.

To find out if your medication will interact with grapefruit juice, do read the leaflet that comes along with your medication packet.

If you’ve happened to throw that away, don’t despair, you can contact your doctor to find out whether grapefruit juice negatively interacts with your medication.

When it comes to other types of fruits, some can be particularly helpful when it comes to managing arthritis.

For example, the Arthritis Foundation recommends snacking on strawberries.

Low in sugar, and high in vitamin C, research has shown that 16 or more strawberries a week can lower the presence C-reactive protein.

C-reactive protein is “a measure of body-wide inflammation linked to arthritis flares”.

Scientists suspect its the anthocyanin – a type of phytochemical – contained within strawberries that provides anti-inflammatory properties.

Red raspberries also contain high levels of vitamin C and anthocyanin.

Research has shown that the fruit’s bioactive compounds lowers “system-wide inflammation”.

Tart cherries also contain powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant benefits.

Other beneficial fruits include: watermelon, and avocado.

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