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Injection of stem cells can help dangerously ill coronavirus patients

In addition, the treatment results in shorter hospital stays.

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Professor Georgina Ellison-Hughes of King’s College London discovered that stem cells can regulate several components of the immune system and even lock it in when there is a risk of it overreacting to Covid infections.

We’ve come a long way in terms of developing new weapons against Covid. People who require ­mechanical ventilation, on the other hand, have been particularly ­difficult to treat since the pandemic began.

Well, a worldwide team of researchers has collaborated to develop a new strategy to treat extremely ill patients with Covid-19 that involves the use of stem cells.

Georgina Ellison-Hughes, Professor of King’s College London and member of the International Society on Aging and Disease, revealed that stem cells (MSC) may regulate various components of the immune system and even rein it in when it is overreacting to Covid infections.

These MSC stem cells are one-of-a-kind and extremely effective at modifying the immune system, making them a good candidate for treating Covid.

The professor and her colleagues demonstrated in February 2020 that injecting MSC into seven Covid-19 ­pneumonia patients improved symptoms and recovery time compared to three placebo-treated patients.

The researchers just finished a trial of MSC injected intravenously in its most recent investigation. The results demonstrated that the MSC treatment was helpful in reducing symptoms and improved the prognosis of severely and critically ill patients.

Follow-up chest imaging revealed that patients with serious bronchial and lung illness in the MSC treatment group improved more than those in the placebo group. Notably, the treatment resulted in a shorter hospital stay – 11 days as opposed to 15 days. This fact has always been popular with patients and their families, and it will help to promote MSC therapy in and of itself.

“These findings advance MSC ­transplantation as a safe and effective therapeutic for treating those critically ill patients with Covid-19,” says Professor Ellison-Hughes.

“Our findings show MSC therapy has multiple modes of action in how it can effectively treat Covid-19.”

During the trial, Covid disease markers were tracked, and MSC treatment improved them all, particularly the markers for severe inflammation, and resulted in the persistence of Covid-19 antibodies for a longer period of time.

MSC infusion also reduced the risk of thrombosis, a consequence of Covid infection. MSC appears to enhance several elements of the infection and mitigate its negative effects.

Overall, patients in the MSC group tolerated the treatment well and were discharged from the hospital without experiencing any negative side effects. The MSC group had no deaths, while the placebo group had 6.9 percent.

In accordance with prior clinical trials, it indicates that it is a safe and effective therapeutic method for usage in patients with Covid.

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