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Japanese method to improve your eyesight in just 3 minutes

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Rui Hiramatsu is a doctor, ophthalmologist and adjunct professor at Showa Medical University in Tokyo explains how you can ‘Improve your eyesight in 3 minutes’

The modern lifestyle is full of screens and a large part of the population has sight problems. We all know that to keep our bodies in shape, we need to exercise frequently. However, when it comes to eyesight, few take the time to exercise it.

Visual gymnastics to get an eagle sight

For all those who suffer from myopia, presbyopia, and even hyperopia, astigmatism, or eye fatigue, the Japanese ophthalmologist Rui Hiramatsu has developed a method based on a few simple exercises, that will improve your visual acuity and get an eagle’s eye with only 3 minutes a day.

Based on what is known as the Gabor patch – blurry striped images used for visual exercises – the Hiramatsu method consists of finding two patches that are the same. In this way, our visual acuity is restored through brain stimulation.

Internationally renowned research centers, including the University of California, have confirmed its effectiveness through various studies. The method became popular in the United States and even the media such as the New York Times echoed it.

Its results have been scientifically proven

Aimed at all types of people, regardless of age or visual acuity, the Hiramatsu method can be practiced anywhere and has also proven useful in preventing senile dementia. 

Activate your brain, say goodbye to eyestrain, and get an eagle sight in just 4 weeks!

Practice for myopia or presbyopia

If you suffer from myopia or presbyopia and your eyes only capture blurry images, the brain tries to compensate for those images to present them as clearly as possible. With Gabor patches, the brain’s ability to correct out-of-focus images is trained, and as a result, eyesight improves and symptoms of these conditions are reduced.

Other methods to improve eyesight

Perspective exercise

This exercise is very effective for people who suffer from presbyopia or who spend a lot of time in front of the computer screen. It is very simple since it only consists of repeatedly looking at an object that is far from you and then at one that is closer alternately.


Applying heat to the eyes increases blood flow, which not only helps improve eyesight, but also alleviates headaches, shoulder pain, irritation, and even some autonomic nervous system disturbances.

The Fog method

Buy cheap reading glasses from a pharmacy with a +2 graduation. With the glasses on, exercise your eyesight for three to ten minutes, looking at any object that is two meters away.

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