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Liver damage often goes unnoticed: 4 warning signs you should not ignore

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The liver produces glucose, stores vitamins and ensures that the body breaks down toxins. Alcohol, a high-fat diet or viruses can damage the liver – and thus disrupt its work. But how do you find out if your liver is suffering?

Those affected rarely notice the first signs of liver disease. Because cirrhosis of the liver, hepatitis disease or liver cancer do not cause any clear pain in the early stages. 

Revyuh names four signs that you should look out for.

Urine is dark brown discolored

Brown urine can be a sign of serious liver cirrhosis. This means: The tissue of the liver is severely scarred from heavy alcohol consumption or a chronic illness – the liver no longer functions properly. Brown urine can also indicate hepatitis caused by infection with the hepatitis virus.

Eyeball is yellowish instead of white

A yellowish eyeball is also an indication of hepatitis. But it can also be an indication of a lipid metabolism disorder that puts a strain on the liver, such as Meulengracht’s disease. The disorder is harmless, but it can make the liver break down some drugs poorly, such as certain cancer and HIV drugs.

Feeling pressure in the right upper abdomen

Most of the liver is located in the upper right abdomen. If there is a feeling of pressure there, this can indicate fatty liver. In addition, there are usually tiredness and difficulty concentrating. The reasons for a fatty liver are overweight or heavy alcohol consumption. The fatty liver only causes serious damage if it becomes infected.

Greenish to brownish ring around the iris

A greenish to brownish ring on the cornea occurs in Wilson’s disease. In this rare hereditary disease, copper accumulates in the liver because the body does not excrete it sufficiently. This liver disease must be recognized early, otherwise, it usually ends fatally.

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