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Major Side Effect of Not Taking Necessary Vitamins, Says Doctor

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Vitamin D, C or B12 are some of the most important for the proper functioning of the different parts that make up the body

Human beings need to consume a specific daily dose of different vitamins and minerals the body requires. That is why it is necessary to eat a varied diet since food is an ideal way to incorporate micronutrients such as vitamin D, vitamin C, or vitamin B12.

However, many people have a deficit of different vitamins, especially due to a poor diet. And most vitamins cannot be synthesized by the human body, with the exception of vitamin D.

In this sense, it is necessary to take into account what happens to the human body when it suffers an episode of hypovitaminosis or vitamin deficiency.

In recent years much more has been discovered about vitamins and their influence on the body. 

Dr. Susana Monereo talks about it; from the Endocrinology and Nutrition Unit of the Hospital Ruber Internacional and Centro Médico Ruber Internacional Habana (Madrid), in an interview.

As explained by Dr. Susana Monereo:

We have gone from the classic deficits that were seen associated with severe malnutrition, or that can still be seen in underdeveloped countries, that produced major recognizable diseases such as rickets, pellagra, or night blindness among others, to subtle or mild symptoms currently related to the suboptimal intake of vitamins associated with chronic diseases, and aging.

How hypovitaminosis influences humans

Although, it highlights that currently cases of hypovitaminosis are not very common. Of course, as long as the person follows a healthy Mediterranean diet that incorporates the different groups of food sources of vitamins.

Poor diet is the main factor of hypovitaminosis. Although some factors such as high alcohol intake or pregnancy can also cause vitamin deficiencies in the body. Something that can also be developed by people who choose a vegan diet or have stomach surgery.

In addition, the most frequent deficits in the population generally occur with three of the most important vitamins, such as vitamin D, vitamin B12 and vitamin C.

Deficiency of vitamin B12 and other micronutrients

According to the doctor, the most common causes of a lack of vitamins are to carry out diets that restrict certain types of food; such as vegetarian or macrobiotic, which cause a deficiency of vitamin B12.

In addition, people who do not consume fruits, vegetables and legumes, and prefer processed foods tend to have vitamin C, vitamin D, and folate deficiencies.

People with malabsorption or stomach or bowel surgery may have a lack of B and D vitamins. Pregnancy, the pubertal stretching, can be a situation of large consumption, so occasional vitamin deficiencies may occur, in malnourished people such as alcoholics there is also a lack of B vitamins

says the specialist.

Symptoms of hypovitaminosis

It is difficult to detect an episode of hypovitaminosis in the human body, especially since the symptoms to develop depend on the lack of the vitamin in question.

However, the expert speaks of a series of common symptoms that affect practically all the organs of the body. Among them are cognitive impairment, neurological system alterations, leg pain, skin alterations, mucosal alterations, osteoporosis, fatigue due to anemia or visual abnormalities.

In addition, the acute lack of different vitamins in the body carries a high risk, since they can lead to serious health problems.

Therefore, the best way to prevent hypovitaminosis is to follow a weekly diet that includes abundant fresh products of varied fruits and vegetables, fish, meat, legumes, nuts or dairy products.

It is the ideal mechanism to enjoy good health and have adequate levels of vitamin B12, vitamin D, or vitamin C necessary for the functioning of the body.

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