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Milk may be good but more than this could be dangerous – Expert warns

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We all know that milk and dairy products are the main sources of calcium that make your bones stronger and keep Osteoporosis away from you.

But, if you’re drinking too much milk, it can make your bones more brittle.

To know more about this, researcher and dietitian Gail Cresci, PhD, RD, ride through whether or not it’s safe to drink a lot of milk.

study, published in the US National Library of Medicines, says that while milk could be good for health, but too much is not better. 

This study revealed that too much milk – more than three glasses a day – was not only linked to mortality but also a higher risk of fracture and hip fracture. 

Additionally, it also highlighted women who were reported drinking three or more glasses of milk every day nearly doubled their risk of dying earlier than women who drank one glass or less than one glass daily.

No effects on Men were reported compared to women, but those who had three or more glasses of milk daily still reported a significant increase in mortality.

Another study, published in the NIH, found that higher milk and dairy product intake does not necessarily reduce the risk of osteoporosis and hip fracture as noted in cohort studies versus looking at case-control and cross-sectional studies.

Does this mean you shouldn’t drink milk?

One study, which appeared on the NIH-NIM, said that milk helps to gain nutritional values and can help prevent chronic diseases. Although it’s true that milk and dairy are among the most calcium-rich foods you can eat, there are other substances in milk that may justify some moderation. 

While the Swedish study raises interesting questions, there is not strong enough evidence to warrant a restriction on milk.

says Dr. Cresci.

Calcium is linked with bone health, but vitamin D promotes calcium absorption and maintains adequate blood levels of calcium and phosphate to allow for normal bone mineralization.

If you want to drink milk for strong bones, I recommend no more than one glass a day.

Do this in addition to a mixed diet rich in calcium. If you are unable to consume adequate amounts in your diet, consider supplementation with about 1200 mg of calcium and 600 to 800 IU of vitamin D daily, especially in winter months.

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