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Miscarriage increases the risk of early death by 19% – study warns

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Younger females or who suffer recurrent spontaneous abortions are at higher risk of early death.

A new study, carried out by US-based researchers published in the British Medical Journal, suggested that the risk of early death could be higher for younger women or women who suffer spontaneous abortions.

The results of the study, carried out using data of 101,681 women(female nurses aged between 25 and 42) from the US Nurse’ Health Study, showed that women who had a miscarriage could be 19 percent more likely to die early.

The researchers suggested that ‘Miscarriage’ could be an “early marker of future health risk in women”.

The authors of the study set out to investigate the link between miscarriage – also known as “spontaneous abortion” – and the risk of early death before the age of 70.

During a 24-year long follow-up period, the researchers recorded 2,936 premature deaths, 1,346 from cancer, and 269 from cardiovascular disease.

While death rates from all causes were comparable for women with and without a history of miscarriage, they were higher for those who had experienced three or more miscarriages and for women reporting their first miscarriage before the age of 24.

The study found that the association of miscarriage with premature death was strongest for deaths from cardiovascular disease, but there was no link with death from premature cancer.

Taking into account potentially influencing factors such as age, race and health conditions as well as post-pregnancy dietary and lifestyle factors, the researchers said women who had a miscarriage were 19% more likely to die prematurely than women who did not experience a pregnancy loss.

The researchers concluded: “We found that spontaneous abortion, particularly recurrent spontaneous abortions and spontaneous abortions occurring early in a woman’s reproductive life, was associated with an increased risk of premature death.

“The greater risk of all cause premature mortality associated with spontaneous abortion was mainly a result of a higher risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

“Our results suggest that spontaneous abortion could be an early marker of future health risk in women, including premature death.

“More research is needed to establish how spontaneous abortion is related to women’s long term health and the mechanisms underlying these relations.”

The study’s authors accepted their research has some limitations, including that it remains unknown whether experiencing a pregnancy loss “merely unmasks pre-existing risks or instead triggers or accelerates the development of premature death”.

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