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Mum-of-two dies of Delta covid strain after refusing vaccine due to fear of side effects

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After not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine as she was afraid of side effects, just 45-years-old and a mother of two died from the delta strain of the virus.

Tricia Jones, 45, didn’t want the vaccine after reading about people with rare side effects – like blood clots and heart inflammation. The mother chose to wait to receive the vaccine, but in the spring, she died of COVID-19.

Within a month of cathing the Delta variant, Ms. Jones was hospitalized and needed a mechanical ventilator before passing away shortly thereafter.

Ms. Joes, Photo by Fox 4

Her family is now requesting people to get the vaccine so that the same thing does not happen to them.

FOX 4 reports Deborah Carmichael, Ms Jones’ mother, said she got her Covid vaccine as soon as it became available – though her daughter did not share this mentality.

She added:

She was afraid of the side effects, I think.

You hear a lot of horror stories. I, myself, when I had the shot, it was rough, so it scared her and freaked her out. So she didn’t want to do it. I couldn’t convince her.

Ms Jones’ son caught the virus at school in April and was later confirmed to be infected with the Delta variant.

Tricia Jones, Photo from facebook profile

Both she and her husband, Keith, soon fell ill too – leaving the entire Missouri-based family infected with Covid.

Ms Carmichael said:

After she got it, she said: ‘Mom you were right, about the shot, about masks, being diligent and all that.’

I was like: ‘I don’t want to be right. I want you to be well. That’s all that matters.’

The health of Ms Jones rapidly deteriorated, becoming hospitalised at Research Medical Center in Kansas City by early May and requiring a ventilator by May 13.

Despite her symptoms slowly going away, the mum-of-two’s respiratory health never improved and she ultimately died on June 9.

Ms Jones’ and her mother (Photo by FOX 4)

Ms Carmichael added:

I never would have thought I would lose my daughter at 45.

It wasn’t my choice. It wasn’t what I wanted. Everything in me was screaming: “No, this can’t be right. She’s only 45.’

As a result of the tragic loss, the family is asking that anyone who is yet to be vaccinated to get their jab as soon as possible.

Ms Jones’ mother added:

Please take this seriously. You don’t want to see a family member you love go through this.

You have a way better chance of coming out OK than if you don’t.

Featured Photo by FREDERIC J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images

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