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Mum whose 18-month baby was hospitalized with covid warns of never recorded symptoms of Coronavirus in children

Mum shares the list Covid symptoms in children.

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A mother, whose 18-month-old son was hospitalized with covid, asked other parents to be vigilant about the new and different symptoms of coronavirus children may develop.

Leah Whyte said that many children may not show adult symptoms, such as a cough or the loss of taste and smell.

She says doctors initially assumed her little boy Logan, who was suffering from a fever due to a bacterial infection.

Abut after routine test, it was declared he had coronavirus.

Mum Leah explains that in addition to the fever her child developed discoloured skin and started being violently sick.

He became lethargic, started crying as if he was in pain, and had a rash behind his ears, on his stomach, and back. His feet also became “like two blocks of ice”.

It was quite shocking for the family as Logan had developed only fever with a high temperature of 39.6°c – one of the main symptoms.

Miss Whyte said:

Me and my partner Nathan were terrified, you are sitting there watching him and you just feel helpless.

We both had Covid, and we’d rather have taken it again so that he didn’t have it.

I’ve seen someone take convulsions before and it is not nice, let alone it being my child.

It was just really scary but we are thankful for the nurses and doctors who made it a little bit easier.

Now, Miss Whyte, as cited by the Mirror, wants to share about the little-talked about Covid symptoms in children, which she says are different from the ones seen most often in adults.

Image Credit: Mirror

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