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Muscle exercise that can prevent the onset of dizziness

When you stand up from a seated position, do you feel dizzy?

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Around 40% of people experience dizziness upon standing, and there has been no effective, rapid treatment until recently. Two simple activities can stop feeling dizzy.

A sudden shift in posture can produce a drop in blood pressure, which in turn can lead to dizziness. It’s known as IOH, or initial orthostatic hypotension, when it occurs for no other medical reason or underlying ailment.

A recent study finds that two basic muscle workouts performed before or shortly after standing can avoid dizziness without costing anything and without the use of drugs or supplements. The best way to avoid feeling dizzy is to work your lower body muscles before or right after you stand up.

A prior study looked at whether such workouts would be beneficial, but it only looked at the effect of physical performance after standing. Researchers looked at how muscular exercises affected dizziness before and after standing as a prophylactic approach in a new study.

Muscle exercise that can prevent the onset of dizziness
Muscle exercise that can prevent the onset of dizziness

“These are simple, effective and free actions that people can take to prevent IOH dizziness,” said the authors of the study in an article in the journal Heart Rhythm.

22 young women with a history of IOH participated in the study, which examined two exercises: lifting knees in a sitting position for 30 seconds before standing, and extending legs for 20 seconds after standing.

During the trial, researchers monitored the participants’ pulse and blood pressure and took breaks in between sessions. In addition, individuals were asked to self-report if they had had IOH symptoms (dizziness or weakness).

New research reveals how to stop feeling dizzy

Both exercises revealed that they can greatly change the temporary and abrupt drop in blood pressure and ameliorate the symptoms of IOH when compared to getting up without performing any preceding action.

“Because these are simple body movements, both exercises are something that people can perform anytime, anywhere, to prevent symptoms from appearing,” added researcher Nessia Shake.

IOH is induced by blood vessel dilation that occurs when standing up, according to the theory. The activities used in the trial are designed to prevent this reaction, and researchers claim that anyone can accomplish both.

IOH affects around 40% of the population in the United States, and there hasn’t been a safe, straightforward treatment until now. In fact, the only piece of advise given to persons with IOH was to gently move from sitting to standing.

Despite the fact that the study only covered a small group of women, these behaviors could have a significant impact on many people. Mild dizziness that goes away after a few seconds may not appear to be the most dangerous or serious medical condition in the world, but it has a daily influence on the quality of life of those who experience it. It can cause more than mild dizziness in severe situations, and it can even cause fainting and loss of consciousness.

“There is hardly anyone who doesn’t experience the feeling of dizziness after standing up. There are people for whom it’s a frequent experience that can happen several times a day. It’s frightening and adversely affects quality of life,” added Dr. Satish Raj, a cardiologist at Calgary University.

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