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Neither orange nor lemon: these are the foods with the most vitamin C and maybe you didn’t know it

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The first fruits that come to the mind of those with a cold are orange, lemon and even mandarin, but there are fruits and vegetables that double or triple the amount of vitamin C.

Orange contains about 53 mg of vitamin C per 100 grams of fruit, this amount is low compared to other fruits such as guava which has five times more vitamin C.

According to health experts, blackcurrant contains 160 mg of this vitamin, while vegetables such as red peppers (152 mg), red chili (225 mg), parsley (190 mg ), broccoli (110 mg) and Brussels sprouts (110 mg).

Experts recommend that it is appropriate to ingest this vitamin through a balanced diet that includes citrus fruits and also vegetables that are rich in this vitamin including kiwis and watermelons.

However, Doctors warned that although excess consumption of vitamin C is expelled by the body through urine, over time it can cause the kidney stones, which is why they urged not to exaggerate with the amounts of this vitamin.

In turn, nutritionists recommend not to discard the greener leaves that cover these vegetables because, according to them, they are the ones that contain the most vitamin C and so that they do not lose their properties when cooking them suggested doing so with a short cooking and without much water.

According to experts, microwave, fast and unsoaked cooking causes 45% less vitamin C to be lost than if vegetables are boiled. When cooking vegetables we may lose some of vitamin C, but we also achieve more nutrients such as lycopene, beta-carotens and folic acid, so there is no need to obsess over the consumption of raw vegetables either.

Both fruits and vegetables also lose their properties when refrigerated or stored for days, so it is advisable to store food in a cool, dry place, away from natural light and with space.

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