It’s never too late to extend your life if you do this

It's never too late to extend your life if you do this
Image from Pixabay

Scientists at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology have conducted an experiment with the elderly. According to the results obtained, it can be said that doing intensive training for five years is an effective practice to extend life expectancy.

Researchers carried out the study with some 7,000 volunteers between the ages of 70 and 77, who were divided into three groups.

Members of the first groups performed high-intensity physical activities twice a week, alternating sport and rest every four minutes, including 10-minute stretches.

Second group members followed a moderate 50-minute workout twice a week. The third research volunteers did sports based on the recommendations of the Norwegian Ministry of Health and Care.

Five years later, the researchers were able to draw a conclusion by comparing the mortality statistics shown by each group. It turned out that those who had carried out intense activities the mortality indicator stood at 3%. In the second case, the figure almost doubled (5.9%), while those who did less sport gave a 4.7% mortality rate.

With this, the researchers admit that these differences are not statistically significant, but the relationship between high-intensity physical activities, better health and greater longevity is evident.