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Plants that help keep fleas and ticks at bay

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With the heat come ticks and fleas and, with them, the time to protect our pets. We tell you how to get rid of fleas and ticks using some natural remedies.

Fleas and ticks do their work on the backs of cats and dogs, and when the weather is good, our pets spend more time outside.

Rosemary: it is often used in the kitchen, but it can also be useful to protect our animals from these annoying insects. So better have it close.

Lavender: keeps mosquitoes, fleas and moths away. They are safe for our pets and also have an incredible scent and color.

Catnip: It is in the same family as mint. As fleas do not like it and cats love them for their smell, they will be protected outside the home surrounded by it.

Lemongrass: a good natural repellent against fleas. Gives off a slight lemon scent.

Garlic: you can crush several heads of garlic and put them around your garden, if you are afraid that your dogs will be carrying ticks. However, if you have cats, do not use garlic, because it is toxic to them.

The effectiveness will depend a lot on where you live. Because in regions where the heat is humid there are always more ticks than in dry environments. 

So if there are a lot of ticks and fleas, some will drop. Of course, in addition to these natural remedies, you have specialized repellants at your fingertips. 

Also, remember that, in any case, it is recommended that your pets always wear a flea collar.

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