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Popular Drink That Shields Kidney – One Cup A Day Is Enough

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1% of hospitalized patients in the US have AKI at admission. During hospitalization, the incidence rate of AKI is predicted to range anywhere from 2-5%.

AKI appears within 30 days after surgery in about 1% of general surgery cases and in more than 50% of intensive care unit (ICU) patients.

Within the first six months following kidney transplantation, 21% of recipients of solitary kidney transplants suffered AKI.

But there is some good news, especially for coffee lovers.

Coffee lovers who already enjoy its other health benefits will be happy to hear that their favorite drink may also help protect their kidneys.

Coffee has arguably been examined more than any other beverage, with the majority of research pointing to the advantages of moderate use at all levels. In the same spirit, a new study by Johns Hopkins School of Medicine researchers found that drinking just one cup of coffee per day can lessen the risk of acute renal injury.

According to research published in Kidney International Reports, those who drank any amount of coffee per day had a 15% lower risk, with the highest reductions seen in those who drank two to three cups per day, lowering the risk by 22% to 23%. People with comorbidities including high blood pressure, BMI, and diabetes, on the other hand, had an 11 percent reduced risk than those who never drank coffee.

Dr. Chirag Parikh, director of the Division of Nephrology at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine says “we already know that drinking coffee on a regular basis has been associated with the prevention of chronic and degenerative diseases including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease and liver disease.

“We can now add a possible reduction in AKI [acute kidney injury] risk to the growing list of health benefits for caffeine.”

Researchers analyzed 14,207 participants with a median age of 54 years using data from the Community Atherosclerosis Risk Study, an ongoing cardiovascular study in four U.S. regions. For 24 years, participants kept track of how many cups of coffee they consumed on a daily basis. A total of 1,694 cases of acute renal failure were observed during the investigation.

But what is it about coffee that makes it such a good friend to the kidneys?

This is due to “either biologically active compounds combined with caffeine or just the caffeine itself improves perfusion and oxygen utilization within the kidneys”, adds the doctor.

The researchers also point out that coffee additives such milk, whipped cream, sugar, or sweeteners may have an impact on the risk, implying that more research is needed to determine the active mechanisms of coffee that protect the kidneys, particularly at the cellular level.

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