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Reasons why your eye involuntarily twitches and how to stop it

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Kamal Saini
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The tremor in the eyelid also known as eye twitching is a nervous tic that can not only be caused by physical or emotional stress, but also by deadly diseases, warned experts.

Many people experience this annoying eye problem that usually begins unexpectedly and according to the specialist, the causes can be quite trivial.

This tic can be related to eye fatigue caused by constant exposure to a computer, tablet, or phone, but it can also be caused by the muscle groups of the cervical and occipital spine.

“If you have problems in the cervical spine and you feel some pain in the neck, you will have visual fatigue and tics more quickly. It is always connected,” say experts.

To end these eye tics, the doctor recommended relaxing the neck muscles, but if the cause is emotional overexertion, then the solution is simply to rest.

There is another more serious cause and this can be a problem of the central and peripheral nervous system caused by damage to the facial nerve, encephalitis, meningitis and even brain cancer.

“Prolonged nerve tics occur precisely during these conditions. They are untreatable and can last three to two months. If the eye contractions last for more than two months, it is a reason to seek help from a neurologist,” experts advised.

Another reason for the appearance of this tic is a metabolic disorder in the body, particularly with calcium and magnesium. 

Most cases of eye twitching are thought to be caused by lifestyle factors, many of which we can work on if needed.

If your diet is lacking nutrients such as vitamin B12 and vitamin D, your body doesn’t quite function as it should.

Eye twitches are one of the many symptoms you might notice, and it won’t surprise you that the best fix here is to get more of these nutrients into your diet.

In this case, the tics are observed not only in the eye area, but also throughout the body. 

They can be both solitary and multiple and to improve the state it is enough to change the daily diet and add microelements and healthy nutrients in the diet.

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