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Remaking the bed as soon as you get up can damage your health because

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar is editor-in-chief and founder of Revyuh Media. He has been ensuring journalistic quality and shaping the future of Revyuh.com - in terms of content, text, personnel and strategy. He also develops herself further, likes to learn new things and, as a trained mediator, considers communication and freedom to be essential in editorial cooperation. After studying and training at the Indian Institute of Journalism & Mass Communication He accompanied an ambitious Internet portal into the Afterlife and was editor of the Scroll Lib Foundation. After that He did public relations for the MNC's in India. Email: amit.kumar (at) revyuh (dot) com ICE : 00 91 (0) 99580 61723

Is making a bed in the morning a real torture? Do you fear the moment when your mother or your partner will point out to you that you have not yet fixed the bed? You don’t have to worry anymore! Now even the scholars of Kingston University in London are on your side, since according to recent research it seems that making the bed immediately can cause serious health problems.

This research led by Stephen Pretlove has shown that sheets are often the favorite nest of dust mites. Mites feed on dead skin cells and sweat. Leaving the unmade bed in the air and in the sunlight the mites become dehydrated and eventually die. Otherwise we will instead see the proliferation of these presences often due to allergies and asthma.

As explained by the scholar: “Mites can survive only by getting the water they need from the environment. Leaving the bed unattended during the day is enough to remove moisture from sheets, pillows and mattresses. So the mites dehydrate and then eventually die “. According to research in each bed there is an average of 1.5 million mites hidden between the sheets.

The reason is that the bed during the night becomes the ideal place for the reproduction of these insects due to the heat and humidity that the human body releases in sleep. In fact, every individual seems to produce a liter of sweat every night, an ideal food for these microscopic presences, therefore, only leaving the unmade bed at least all morning, the sheets are allowed to eliminate humidity and consequently, to see the death of the mites.

The researchers came to this conclusion by developing a PC program with which to constantly monitor the changes that occur at home so as to highlight the variables that reduce or increase the presence of mites in the beds. Obviously it is not enough to avoid redoing the bed to completely eliminate the problem. It is important to keep the bedroom well ventilated, to clean the house methodically and to remember to change the sheets at least every 2 weeks.

The war to combat mites then begins with the correction of a simple daily gesture. Repeating the bed immediately is seriously dangerous for our health, especially for allergic individuals. More and more people are suffering from respiratory allergies and asthma. If this discovery were to be confirmed, it could be really important and bring not only an improvement in life but also an economic one, saving on medicines and medical care.

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