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Researchers Explain Why You Should Never Sleep On Your Right Side

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It’s no secret that people need enough sleep to stay healthy. But as researchers found out, the sleeping position is also decisive for how restful sleep really is. 

In a study published by the Journal of Clinical Gastroenterology, medical professionals found that it was healthier to sleep on your left side.

There are numerous reasons for this: If you sleep on the left side, you encourage the flow of blood. Because our main artery, the aorta, is bent to the left – so if we sleep on the right side, the blood would have to pump “uphill”. 

According to the study, those who have digestive problems such as heartburn would do better to sleep inside out in the future.

Because if you sleep on the left side, stomach acid cannot flow back into the esophagus, which leads from the right into the stomach. 

Because of the human anatomy, sleepers on the left are better off: Because some organs such as the spleen, stomach, and pancreas are on the left side of the body – if you sleep on the right, their activity could be hindered.

Side sleeping during pregnancy is associated with improved maternal and fetal healthTrusted Source, but the left side is favored here, too. Left side sleeping not only reduces heartburn but also helps promote blood flow and relieves pressure on the uterus.

Side sleeping may also help relieve lower back pain and improve spinal alignment, but you might find sleeping on your side difficult if you have neck or shoulder pain.

According to most experts, in terms of health and beautiful skin, you are safest if you do it like ten percent of sleepers do: You change positions several times a night, so you are flexible, so-called “Flexi sleepers”.

While there could be some links between sleep position and health, the best sleep position, after all, is one that keeps you comfortable enough to get the rest you need.

Photo by Al Seib / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

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