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Scientists find the solution to the problem of baldness … in a tree

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A team of Thai scientists has found a solution to combat baldness in the extract of Avicennia marina, a tree that is generally small or medium-sized and is capable of slowing down hair loss thanks to a chemical it contains.

The researchers conducted an experiment with fifty people suffering from the most common form of Androgenic alopecia. During the study, they discovered that Avicennia marina contains avicequinone-C, a chemical that slows hair loss and inhibits enzymes that lead to an increase in the hormones that cause this type of baldness.

The experiment was that participants should regularly rub their scalps with a seavice extract and in this way scientists concluded that avicequinone-C is not only able to prevent baldness caused by increased hormones, according to Daily Mail, but also promotes the growth of new hairs.

Participants, who took the part in the experiment, had to rub their scalp regularly with an extract of Avicenna marina and thus the scientists concluded that the avicequinona-C is not only able to prevent baldness caused by increased hormones, but also favors the growth of new hair.

“We found that it had many benefits. First, it prevents enzymes from producing hormones that contribute to hair loss. Second, it could also help produce the protein that stimulates hair growth,”

as explained by Professor Wanchai Deeknamkul of Chulalongkorn University.

The scientist pointed out that most baldness remedies are synthetic and contain mainly chemically synthesized drugs. Also, he cautioned that those remedies have many side effects, while Avicennia marine extract is made up of natural ingredients.

A private company has already bought the patent on this discovery with the aim of turning it into a commercial product and putting it on the market in about six months.

Androgenic alopecia is the scientific name for age-related alopecia, which is characterized by loss of hair caused by thinning of the scalp.

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