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Scientists reveal what is the diet capable of prolonging the life

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The Mediterranean diet is not only able to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, but can also prolong life, according to a scientific study.

Specialists found that following this type of diet for 12 months is associated with positive changes in the gut microbiome and prevents the loss of bacterial diversity that inhabit the intestines.

According to the study, the scientists also recorded an increase in the number of bacteria associated with reduced bone fragility, improved brain function, and an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, it has been found that this diet can also help reduce the risk of heart attacks since the foods that are included in it allowed the arteries to be more flexible to adapt to different situations in which greater blood flow is required.

Among the fundamental principles of the Mediterranean diet type, scientists highlighted the substitution of butter with olive oil, the reduction of meat consumption and increased fish consumption, as well as the abundance of fruits and vegetables.

In turn, the expert Dr Deborah Lee in an interview with Express explained that the green Mediterranean diet, which consists of replacing the protein provided by red meat with vegetables, can also help you lose weight.

“protein is obtained from green plant sources, such as green tea, and Mankai. Wolffia globosa Mankai – a type of duckweed – is an aquatic plant which can be used as a human food source”

he noted.

At the moment, scientists continue to conduct trials on the efficacy of the green Mediterranean diet. According to Dr Lee after six months of observation, it has been noted that the participants in this experiment with the green Mediterranean diet have lost between 5 to 6 kilos.

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