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Scientists warn of a New Covid Strain, eight times more contagious

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A new study has revealed that the new coronavirus variant is eight times more infectious than the original strain of coronavirus.

Countries are now witnessing a frequent emergence of new variants, with each strain being deadlier than the previous one. New research has made some of the shocking revelations about a newly found variant – D614G.

In a study published in the journal eLife, this variant is found to be widely prevalent across the world. It is also said to be nearly 8 times more transmissible than the variant that had broken out in Wuhan and took the form of a global pandemic costing millions of lives.

The study suggests that the new variant is highly contagious and is more fatal in nature. Dr. Neville Sanhana who has played a significant role in the research explained that there could be a potential link between the rapid increase in the number of infections and the higher rate of its transmissibility.

He also stated that the D614G mutation has become widespread ever since they have conducted the study and it is included in all the strains that are presently causing a threat. The researchers point out that the new strain causes greater infection to the human cells, and has been recently traced in the UK, South Africa, and Brazil.

The study carried out in response to a claim made by the Physicist that the pathogen may have emerged from a laboratory before spreading among people. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) had found the theory to be “extremely unlikely” the University of Hamburg’s  Dr Ronald Wissendanger had issued an in-depth study in order to prove the cited possibility. In a statement to a German newspaper ZDF, Dr Ronald said that he was 99.9% certain about the laboratory -birth of the coronavirus. 

“I am 99.9 percent certain that the coronavirus came from the laboratory,” said Dr Ronald.

The certainty was the greatest center of discussion in the scientific arena during the initial outbreak of the virus. However, the Chinese Government has continued to deny such theories, even to this date.

Dr. Weissendenger also stressed that his research is purely based on ‘circumstantial evidence’ and they have not found any natural host for the coronavirus as yet. He went on to suggest that the coronavirus samples of RaTG13 that were found in bats, were moved to the laboratory in Wuhan.

While the scientists, experts, and doctors all around, are still on the quest to find the origin of coronavirus, the virus is continuing its menace by mutating into lethal forms. The riddles of the pandemic, have indeed surpassed the existence of millions of people across the globe.

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