Second wave of COVID-19 infections in Brazil: health officials urge women to delay pregnancy


Brazil Health officials have appealed to women to delay pregnancy at this present time and wait until after the peak of the pandemic as the virus rages across the country. 

Brazil is presently facing a second wave of COVID-19 infections and having the second-highest death toll in the world. The new Brazilian Covid variant, known as P1, was first discovered in Manaus and is the main driving factor behind the number of deaths surpassing 350,000.

Raphael Camara, Secretary of Primary Health Care of the Brazilian health ministry, has issued the new directions during a press conference on Friday.

Mr. Camara warned many studies have highlighted the new Brazil variant was “more aggressive” in expectant mothers.

He said:

“If possible postpone the pregnancy a bit to a better time so that [they] can have a more peaceful pregnancy.”

The Health chief further added:

“The clinical view of experts shows that the new variant has a more aggressive action on pregnant women.

“Before, severity was linked to the end of the pregnancy, but now they see a more serious evolution in the second trimester and even in the first trimester.”

Brazil has reported 13.8 million positive cases of COVID-19 infection and 368,749 coronavirus-related deaths since the start of the pandemic.

The recent outbreak in Brazil is constantly affecting young adults.

Hospital data for March uncovered more than half of all patients in intensive care were aged 40 or younger.

Hospital beds in major cities, including Sao Paulo, are running at 85 percent capacity.

This week, vaccinations also slowed down in several cities due to a shortage of vaccine supply.

Data from the US showed around 90,000 pregnant women had received their shots, mainly the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines, “without any safety concerns being raised”.