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Seven surprising effects of drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning

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It may not be the most exciting beverage out there, but you literally can’t live without water.

But what happens if you drink water on an empty stomach, for example right after getting up? 

Most of all, it has a very positive impact. We have summarized it in seven points:

Purification process in the body

At night our body recovers and ensures that toxins are broken down. If you drink water on an empty stomach in the morning, you are helping your body to literally flush out the harmful substances. Drinking enough water also promotes the production of muscle cells and new blood cells.

Improve metabolism

Drinking water on an empty stomach increases your metabolic rate by up to 24 percent. A higher metabolism also means a better digestive system. Losing weight, for example, is much easier if you digest faster. That’s why you’d better drink the water warm.

Heartburn and upset stomach are relieved

Digestive disorders are caused by increased acidity in the stomach. If the acid gets up your esophagus, you will notice an unpleasant taste. If you drink water on an empty stomach immediately after getting up in the morning, you dilute the acid and prevent heartburn. In addition, the stomach prepares for breakfast.

Better complexion and natural glow

Lack of fluids leads to premature wrinkles and large pores. The result of a study showed that 500 ml of water on an empty stomach significantly stimulate blood circulation and make the skin shine more.

Your hair will thank you

Too little fluid can have immense effects on hair growth. Water makes up a quarter of the weight of the hair and supplies it with moisture from the inside. Insufficient fluid causes thin and brittle hair. Drinking a lot during the day is very important anyway, but water on an empty stomach has an even bigger impact on your hair.

Kidney stone and bladder infections are prevented

Drinking water right after getting up is also important to prevent kidney stones and bladder infections. Sufficient fluids dilute stomach acid and flush toxins out of the body, both of which can be reasons for kidney stones and bladder infections.

The immune system is strengthened

Drinking water on an empty stomach helps keep the lymphatic system in balance, which makes you less susceptible to pathogens and diseases.

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