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Why snoring can be dangerous and is it worth to see a doctor: the answer of experts

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Occasional snoring is very common and people generally do not feel the need to see a doctor. But sometimes it can be really dangerous.

Most often, snoring is based on ENT pathologies, for example, in the structure of the septum. It can arise from an unfortunate position of the body, and from excess weight. Another reason is atrophic changes in the wall of the larynx: the uvula grows and causes breathing difficulties.

The most severe consequences can be from snoring caused by sleep apnea. A person does not breathe for 1–2 minutes, which is fraught with cardiovascular diseases, memory impairment and headaches.

Snoring increases the risk of depression – a person wakes up and feels overwhelmed, irritated. The risk of an accident increases if a person drives a car.

To understand that snoring is abnormal and it’s time to see a specialist, several signs will help:

  • Morning headache: A person wakes up in a state of weakness, has a heavy head, pain in the back of the head, high blood pressure.
  • Regular night awakenings: As a result, a person practically does not sleep, which is fraught with dangerous consequences.
  • An indirect sign is the appearance of irritable weakness, excessive sweating.
  • The main risk factor remains excess weight, more precisely, the circumference of the neck with double, triple chins.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea syndrome is a sudden stop of breathing when a loudly snoring person stops breathing and then snores and continues their sleep. This condition, among other things, impairs the quality of sleep, which leads to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. In addition, sleep apnea interferes with the normal sleep of the patient’s family members.
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