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Tart, Juicy, But Not For Everyone: Who Shouldn’t Eat Green Apples?

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Do you like sour green apples? A nutritionist explained who should not eat them, sour Apple side effects and how to prevent them.

In the first place, those who suffer from pancreatitis or biliary dyskinesia, especially in the relapsing phase, should not consume this fruit, said the specialist. With such diagnoses, it is better to opt for sweet apples. Grating or baking them is also preferable, added the expert.

In case of gastritis or ulcer, it is not recommended to consume more than one green apple a day. In this case, it is better to enjoy this fruit an hour after eating well and not on an empty stomach, emphasized the nutritionist.

Also, sour apples can damage tooth enamel. Therefore, after consuming them you have to rinse your mouth with water, advised the endocrinologist.

“For a healthy person, it is better to eat no more than two green apples a day. Otherwise, the acid can irritate the mucosa and, as a side effect, increase appetite,” the doctor warned.

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