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Ten Human Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog

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Sometimes they put eyes on us to share with them some of that delicious delicacy that we are carrying in our mouths. It may seem innocuous, but it’s not.

Many people with a pet ( dog or cat) tend to get used to giving them treats from time to time that is a little out of their daily food. Generally, they are sweets that at first glance seem innocuous, although if the owner’s dedication to his pet is absolute, we might have seen that some animals even receive chocolate cakes for their birthday.

Sometimes it is the animal itself that pleadingly observes its master, hoping to receive a small piece of that delicious delicacy. So, anyone who does not have a stone heart decides to share a little with his or her best friend, thinking that nothing will happen. It is a mistake, of course. The magazine ‘Mel Magazine’ has made a list that may seem obvious to you, but believe it or not it is not so obvious.


Never. Neither dogs nor cats. While animals generally respond to alcohol in a similar way to humans, their less conscious experience of drunkenness and their generally smaller size makes them much more prone to its negative consequences. Also, many alcohols contain ingredients that can be especially harmful to animals. Hops, for example, are toxic to dogs, as are some artificial sweeteners that some cocktails have.


You may wonder, who feeds their dog avocado? Well, if it’s on the list, it’s because someone has thought of it on occasion. In case you are that someone, they contain a toxin called persin, which can cause significant health problems and even death in pets if consumed in large quantities. A small spoonful may be fine, but it is generally not worth the risk.


It is a food that many people give their pet, as a reward, thinking that it is safe. In fact, it can cause all kinds of problems, such as hyperactivity, seizures and even death because it contains (especially black, and together with coffee) substances called menthylxanthines, so it is best to avoid it.


While the toxic substances in grapes are still largely unknown, they can cause kidney failure in animals.


Macadamia nuts are especially harmful to dogs and cats, as they can cause depression, weakness, tremors, and hyperthermia, as well as a group of conditions intrinsically related to heat. The high levels of oil and fat in nuts in general also cause vomiting, diarrhea, or even pancreatitis.


Onions, garlic, and chives can cause gastrointestinal problems and possibly even anemia, especially in cats. Although if it is in small quantities, nothing would have to happen, but why risk it?


Eating a single orange should only cause a mild stomach ache in your dog, but too much citrus can be more dangerous.

Raw meat and eggs

Raw meat and eggs can contain dangerous bacteria like salmonella and E. coli. Raw eggs in particular have an enzyme called avidin that can cause skin and coat problems in pets.

Many people think that chocolate is harmless, but it can actually cause all kinds of problems, including hyperactivity, seizures, and even death.

Plus, the bones, which have a reputation as a dog-friendly delicacy, are actually super dangerous – they pose a huge choking hazard and can cause intestinal damage if they splinter.

Potatoes or foods with a lot of salt

A little salt won’t kill your pet, of course, but too much can cause urination, excessive thirst, and even poisoning. That can result in vomiting, diarrhea, depression, tremors, elevated body temperature, seizures, and even death.

Gummy bears

They are very cute and seem like a harmless treat that you can give your pet if they have behaved well, right? However, xylitol poisoning in dogs and other animals can lead to the release of insulin, which can, in turn, lead to liver failure caused by hypoglycemia or low blood sugar. 

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